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Customer reviews

We love our clients and it's great to hear they love us too!

“Awesome service and quick support. The team really went the extra mile to get me up and running as quick as possible. Highly suggest anyone who is looking for a phone solution to use this team.! 11/10”
Marius du Preez Marius du Preez - 31 Jan 2019 -
“Their service is great - fast and helpful. Products and services competitively priced. The user platform is well designed. I would recommend this team!”
Zahirah Ismail Zahirah Ismail - 14 Nov 2018 -
“My experience so far with VoIPLine Telecom so far has been exceptional.

After calling several mainstream providers in regards to our business needs & not getting the answers required (sorry, i don't think our system can do that), I lodged a after hours enquiry with VoIPLine through their website. I received an almost immediate response followed by an offer to call me first thing next morning.

The answer was yes, what i wanted was possible, yes VoIPLine can provide this. Everything is up & running & customers can reach us anywhere we want”
Jason Cooper Jason Cooper - 23 Sep 2018 -
“I've found working with VoipLine so easy! They're the only company I found explained how everything works before signing up to anything in a simple way. You don't need to be some sort of tech nerd to understand what they're telling you.

I've needed support 3 times since signing up, and each time they've been super responsive, helpful, and professional”
Dave Bunting Dave Bunting - 05 Oct 2018 -

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