Dial Tone Access is an object which allows outside callers to dial into PBX and obtain an internal dial tone. This will allow users to dial in, from external numbers and make an outbound call displaying the office caller ID.

Drag and drop the DISA object, from PBX toolbox menu on the left, on to the main PBX configuration screen.

The DISA object will be highlighted in red, demonstrating the object is ready to be configured.

Click on the settings icon  on the bottom right corner of the object to configure the DISA. 

Name: Input a descriptive name. 

PIN code: This is an important setting, the PIN will be required by the system to access PBX when you call the DISA object from an external number. It is very important that you only provide this PIN to authorized users only.

You will not be able to input a PIN yourself due to security limitations, click the reset button until you have a PIN you like the look of.

Caller ID: In this field you will need to set the callerID that you would like to display when the remote user calls into PBX to place an outbound call. 

Lastly, connect the DISA object to the inbound number of your choice. Supply the DID number to your authorized users and once dialed, PBX will allow them to enter the PIN and gain access to an outside line. 

Finally don't forget to Apply the Configuration when any changes are made to the DISA or associated objects.