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Business VoIP phone system in the cloud

Free setup, maintenance and support

Online self management portal
Integration with Microsoft Teams
Call recording
Fax to email
0800 numbers
Unlimited Fibre Internet
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landline phone, laptop and smartphone

Free setup, maintenance and support

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landline phone, laptop and smartphone

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Business phone system in the cloud. Location and equipment independent, 99.9% SLA guaranteed uptime.
Make and receive phone calls in Teams along with advanced hosted PBX features.
Toll-free business numbers. Allow callers to dial your business for free.
Upgrading your office phone lines from PSTN or ISDN to voice over IP? Use our flexible SIP trunking service to connect your office PBX.
With VoIPLine Telecom
you get an all-in-one

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VoIPLine Telecom

landline phone, laptop and iPad
Individual approach
VoIPLine knows how important it is to provide a reliable & flexible phone system complimented with experienced 24hr customer support. This is what we do best with hundreds of satisfied customers.
monitor with PBX interface
Self-management portal
The PBX system was designed with ease of use in mind. An intuitive drag and drop web portal which allows you to visually draw your required call flow and manage it online. Instant provisioning, advanced reporting and ordering systems available online at any time.
support man
24/7 support
Our support team is always ready to help you with any questions, providing quality support, proved by numerous reviews. You can access support from multiple channels, via online chat, email or a phone call.

Plans and Pricing

A simple per user plans that includes all PBX features without any hidden costs
Company Starter
per user/
per month

Call rates:

New Zealand local & national
2.5c p/min

New Zealand mobile
14.9c p/min

New Zealand 0800

Unlimited Saver
per user/
per month

Call rates:

New Zealand local & national

New Zealand mobile
11.5c p/min

New Zealand 0800

Unlimited Plus Special
per user/
per month

Call rates:

New Zealand local & national

New Zealand mobile

New Zealand 0800

Free calls to 50 + countries

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is VoIP?
    VoIP stands for the Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP allows for transmission between voice and video via the web, including wired and wireless methods. VoIP is built with new technologies. This technology allows accepting and making calls to landline and mobile numbers, making it the most advanced means of communication.
  • Why should I switch to VoIP?

    If you are using a landline for your business, you should consider switching to VoIP for the following reasons:

    Cost-effective. In comparison to landline providers, VoIP offers competitive prices due to the ready internet infrastructure. VoIP provides the same quality of calls whilst delivering additional features at a lower cost, proving to be advantageous.

    Easy to scale. As your company grows, the need for devices and connections grow. With VoIP, this is easily accessible with a couple of clicks. In comparison, landline providers require lines to be laid physically, increasing time and expenditure.

    Added features. What can you do with landline telephony? Only calls and faxes. Switching over to VoIP, you will gain additional features such as advanced call reports, integration of third-party services, smart routing, call recordings and more.

  • What is Cloud-Hosted PBX?
    Cloud-Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is the next generation of the classical PBX. Built on VoIP technology and operating not locally but via the internet. Cloud-hosted PBX can be used with VoIP-ready phones and specific programs commonly known as soft-phones. Aside from making and receiving calls via the web, you will gain access to additional features such as advanced call reports, integration with third-party services, smart routing, real-time monitoring, voicemail to email and more.
  • What is SIP Trunk?
    SIP Trunk or SIP Trunking is a method that allows you to connect your existing onsite PBX Phone system to the Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP). You will gain further opportunities with VoIP telephony even with the old PBX.
  • What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?
    Microsoft Teams direct routing allows you to make and accept calls from external numbers within the Teams app. The combination of modern VoIP systems and advanced tools with Microsoft 365, our clients receive an unprecedented opportunity to increase productivity.
  • What are the 0800 numbers?
    0800 numbers are also known as toll-free numbers. Toll-free means that the owner is responsible for paying the cost of the inbound call. However, the call is free of charge for the caller. 0800 numbers are non-geographic: this means they are not linked to any particular location.
  • Require assistance with set up as you don’t have the technical skills?

    Absolutely. Keep in mind that our system is designed for all users regardless of their technical understanding and experience.

    Similar to online stores, you can purchase SIP licenses, phone numbers and/or VoIP equipment via the web. In terms of setting up a call flow, we have developed a unique system to drag-and-drop objects. Drag-and-drop will allow you to configure the call flow like LEGO™, connecting one object with another. This method is easy to understand and use.

    If you still require assistance with the set-up, we provide demonstration sessions with our engineers free of charge. In the demo session, the engineer will guide you through our system and answers all of your questions.

  • Can I accept and make calls to international numbers?
    Absolutely. There are no limits or restrictions when making or accepting international calls. You can purchase an international inbound phone number within our system to make and receive calls from your foreign customers and use concurrently with our PBX features. If you choose our Unlimited Plus Special plan, you can call 50+ countries free of charge. You can check our international call rates for our other call plans.
  • Can I use my current number with the VoIP phone system?
    Yes. This is called 'Number porting'. You can port any local number, toll-free or mobile number to our system and make and accept calls by using our call plans and advanced PBX features. Learn more about number porting.
  • Where can I read your testimonials about VoIPLine Telecom?

    Our aim is to provide exceptional customer service for our customers. We are open to all types of feedback and criticisms (of course, all businesses want to read only good reviews, however, negative reviews are also important as they are the driver for change and progress). You can read reviews from our customers on Google and Facebook.

    If you notice a feature missing from our system, feel free to make suggestions as we are open to any requests that will enhance our service and customer experience.

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