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0800 Numbers

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0800 monthly hosting with included call value
Call packages
starting from: $11.50
Drag & drop web portal for easy call flow management
GST included in all prices
No minimum term contracts
New Zealand service infrastructure
View 0800 rates & packages

Call rates & plans

call rates

Price inc GST
calls from
6.9¢ p/min
calls from
23¢ p/min

All our call plans include a bonus DOUBLE call value!

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Monthly hosting fee includes DOUBLE amount of FREE calls. Estimate your monthly call volume and select the most appropriate call package. No hidden fees. GST included. You can always switch between call plans at any time.
Included call value covers inbound and call diversion charges.
Call diversion rates: Answer calls on VoIP via mPBX:
no additional charge
Answer calls on NZ landline:
extra 2.9¢ per minute
Answer calls on NZ mobile:
extra 13.9¢ per minute


$11.50 monthly cost
DOUBLE Included call value


$50.00 monthly cost
DOUBLE Included call value


$100.00 monthly cost
DOUBLE Included call value

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0800 DOUBLE included call value

This is how it works

Call package:
You pay:
$25.00 p/month
Rate per minute:
6.9¢(inbound landline) + 2.5¢(diversion) = 9.4¢
included call value
Therefore you get:
531 minutes included
A simultaneous ring feature can also be configured. You could have VoIP Phone at the office (no diversion charges) and mobile- both ringing at the same time. When you are in the office just pick up a call on the VoIP Phone.

View list of available numbers

Click on the buttons below to see the list of numbers currently available for instant activation. To reserve one of those numbers, please sign up or login to your account and follow three steps order process.

0800 numbers

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0800 numbers can be referred to as `Toll Free` numbers. Owner pays for inbound calls. Caller can dial such a number free of charge.
Features of 0800 numbers

0800 numbers are linked to our ADVANCED mPBX call routing system FREE of charge

Link your 0800 number and create your custom call flow scenario in our ADVANCED mPBX call routing system.

Note: For call flow scenarios where call is answered on external number (e.g. mobile), mPBX is completely FREE as you do not require user/device licenses.

0800 numbers

Frequently asked questions

  • Being VoIP, how is the quality of your service different to others 0800 providers?
    Well, first of all, we can provide 0800 numbers in exactly the same way as any other provider. We can divert it to your existing landline or mobile number and VoIP will not be involved in it at all. Calls will travel via traditional telephony systems. However, we can also send calls via VoIP and you can answer them on your VoIP Phone, this allows us to make it cheaper for you to use the service and making it more flexible. Quality will mostly depend on the quality of your internet connection. We can help you assess the suitability of your internet for VoIP. If internet is reliable, you won’t be able to see the difference between traditional and VoIP calls for 0800 inbound services. Calls inside our network would actually be a lot better quality using high definition voice codecs.
  • What if I don’t use the service. Do I have to pay?
    Unfortunately yes. This is regulated by TCF and New Zealand government (Telecommunications Act 2001). Being telecommunications provider we also have to pay monthly fees for 0800 number services and hence we cannot make it free of charge. Simple rule is: if you want to keep the number, you have to pay for it each and every month.
  • Can I bring my existing number from a different provider to VoIPLine?
    Yes. We welcome your business. You can port your number from any New Zealand carrier to us. Porting normally takes 3-7 business days and costs $33 inc GST per 0800 number.
  • Why do I need an 0800 number?
    You can keep your 0800 number for the life of your business, regardless of what Telco you use for any of the other services or even for 0800 number itself; Clients can reach your business at the cost of a local call from anywhere completely free of charge on 0800 numbers; Improve your sales by making professional first impression to your customers; With VoIPLine you can get advanced functionality previously available to only large enterprises.
  • How many numbers can I have?
    You can sign up for as many numbers as required. Many businesses use multiple 0800 numbers to track performance of their advertising campaigns and alike.
  • Are there any contracts?
    There is no lock-in contracts for 0800 numbers provided by VoIPLine. You just need to give us 30 days notice if you’d like to quit.
  • Are there any setup fees?
    VoIPLine Telecom does not charge for the connection of 0800 numbers. For simple configurations, we don’t charge any additional setup fees, however there may be small setup fee for complex configurations of advanced features (if required); Please contact us with your requirements for quote.
  • Is there any downtime if I transfer my number from another provider to VoIPLine?
    No, there will be no downtime to your service. VoIPLine Telecom will prepare all required routing rules before porting is completed.
  • How long will it take to set up my new 0800 number?
    For new numbers, we will send you our welcome pack the same business day. In some cases, e.g. if application submitted late, it would be the next business day; For ported numbers, porting process takes 3-5 business days, but may depend on your existing carrier.
  • How do I pay?
    In order to be able to offer the lowest rates possible, we have to minimise any time spent on payment collection and processing. All our systems are fully automated, allowing us to concentrate on customer service rather than billing processing. We offer two accounting methods: prepaid with automatic top up from credit card or postpaid with security deposit; Please contact us if postpaid account is required; We accept payments by credit cards (Mastercard and Visa) or by direct deposit to our bank account.
  • Why are 0800 numbers better than landlines?
    0800 numbers are used exclusively by businesses and therefore provide a better, more professional business image. You will also be able to keep 0800 number for the lifetime of your business as they don't depend on location. 0800 Numbers can be dialled free of charge from all fixed phones and from some mobile phones (carrier dependent).
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Number Porting

Number Porting

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Voice Artist

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International inbound phone numbers

International inbound phone numbers

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