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Resell voice services
on your own terms

Resell VoIP, Hosted PBX, 0800 numbers, Microsoft Teams direct routing and SIP Trunks

Start your own telco business or add voice services to your existing services portfolio.

Develop new recurring revenue streams for your business.

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We provide you with automation tools to run your own telecom business. We maintain the technical infrastructure, nurture upstream carrier relationships and provide you with consultancy services sharing industry best practices.

You can set your own margins, create call plans, build your own brand offering personalised technical consultancy services to your customers.

Use our online portal to create, manage and invoice your customers. Prepaid and postpaid billing options. Automatic fraud control algorithms.

Online number porting management portal. Intuitive customer facing self-service portal to minimise required support resources and deliver good customer experiences.

Partnership options

Channel Partner

Complement your existing service offerings. Create additional revenue streams. Avoid business risks and TDR service disputes.

Co-branding allows you to refer customers and earn ongoing trailing commissions. We manage the legal and industry compliance requirements.

Provide automation tools for invoice management. Our support team can even assist your customers (on partner request).

Whitelabel Partner

Set your own service margins and link your own payment gateway. Full whitelabel re-branding including invoices.

Dedicated account manager to support you. Access to nonbranded KB articles, rebrandable marketing materials.

Wholesale Partner

Run your own telco business. Incorporating soft-switch, billing, multi-tenant PBX and call termination/origination services.

Connect to third-party carriers of your choice. Integrate with your existing systems; or simply get highly competitive wholesale call termination services from us.

Become a partner. Apply now!
Partner benefits
Dedicated Account Manager
Ongoing support, training and guidance to help you with sales process.
Rebrandable knowledgebase centre
Offer customers ability to self-educate and learn the system.
Marketing Materials
Rebrandable marketing collateral to promote services.
Flexible reseller options
Select from our Channel partner, Whitelabel or Wholesale offerings.
High Margins
We have our own system infrastructure and direct carrier relationships, we pass on some of the best wholesale rates in the industry.
In-house software development team
Ongoing product improvements, new feature releases, customisation and integration with third-party systems.
Partner program products

Hosted PBX service

Unmatched functionality.
Unlimited number of simultaneous calls.
Competitive call rates.
Location independent.

VoIP trunks

Can be used to connect existing PBX equipment and save on line rentals & call costs. This can also be used to merge hosted PBX with onsite systems.

0800 numbers

Free porting.
Instant activation.
Drag & Drop call flow management.
Custom call plans for high call volume clients.
Can be used as stand alone service or linked to PBX/SIP trunks.

Microsoft Teams

Integrate Microsoft Teams with our bespoke PBX solution and place or receive business phone calls, create voice menus, record calls, get detailed statistical reports and even more!

International phone numbers

Connect phone numbers from over 50 countries around the world. Resell services to local and international clients.


Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to register with government regulatory bodies?
    As a Channel partner you don't need to register with regulatory bodies. Meanwhile, Whitelabel and Wholesale partners need to be a member of TIO (Australia), TDR (New Zealand) or Comms Council (United Kingdom). There are more bodies: you can be a part of them if you want but you don't have to as we maintain the system to fully comply with regulatory codes.
  • How can I be sure that you will not contact my customers?

    As VoIP provider we can reach a certain amount of customers but working with partners, together we can reach a lot more!

    We provide all required tools so you don't need to think about development and other parts of maintaining the system but only about sales.

    If we want to build a great system, we need to be honest with our partners. Once we lure your customers, you'd leave bad comments everywhere — our reputation would be ruined and we lose our business. We don't want this and we care about relationships with partners and our standing.

  • Can I use my own billing software to charge for the services?
    As a Wholesale provider you can use any third-party billing platform.
  • What payment gateways are supported?
    We support Stripe (credit/debit cards), PayPal, SecurePay, GoCardless (Direct Debit) and bank direct deposits.
  • What if I want to charge for PBX maintenance on top of your normal rates?
    As a Whitelabel or Wholesale partner, you can set your own prices for your customers: as high as you want.
  • Can I sell my own phones/equipment?
    Yes, you can sell either our equipment or sell your own.
  • What support is offered to partners?
    We conduct in-depth and ongoing training sessions to learn the billing system. You will be provided with a dedicated account manager to guide and offer you with ongoing assistance throughout the process. Alongside this, you will have access to our marketing materials.
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