Is a toll-free service right for my business?

0800 numbers have become increasingly popular nationwide and are widely perceived as business numbers. These virtual numbers give a professional image often deemed open and responsive.

0800 numbers allow you to keep in touch with your customers by making you easily accessible to all of your customers in New Zealand. These numbers are used by large and small businesses alike and allow a smaller company to achieve a broader national reach.

These numbers are independent of physical location and contain no area codes. This is beneficial as local numbers can be identified by their area code, and this can limit your ability to reach out to businesses outside of your region. Customers often prefer dealing with companies they feel are situated within their local, giving them a sense that they can easily access support when needed.

0800 features

0800 numbers are inbound numbers, meaning they are used to receive incoming calls, but not to make outgoing/external calls.

They can be assigned to any phone system such as your existing PSTN lines, Voice Over IP, mobile, or even an interactive voice menu.

They are nationwide numbers without any geographical limitations or markers. They are not restricted to any provider, which means they are portable and belong to you even if you decide to port away to another provider.

Various factors determine the cost of a call to a 0800 number:

  • The type of device used to make the call or the origin of the call- such as mobile, landline or payphone. 
  • Landline – calls from landlines originating from callers within the local area or state
  • National Calls – calls from landlines within New Zealand
  • Mobile Calls - calls from Mobile phones within New Zealand
  • The service provider that provides the telephone service
  • The subscription or call plan you have chosen with your service provider.

These call charges are paid solely by the holder of that number. This means that caller is not charged for making a call to 0800 numbers and that is why they are also referred to as TOLL-FREE numbers.

Is this number right for me?

Finding the type of virtual number that is right for your business depends on the size of your business, the volume of inbound calls expected, your geographic outreach, and your revenue.

Local numbers generally incur no charge for the account holder, but the caller pays for their call. Some customers may not call at all if they are not willing to take on that cost.

On the other hand, 0800 numbers are free to call (Toll-free numbers), which removes any financial barrier to customer interaction. The call rates are paid solely by the Account holder.

To help you decide which number that is suitable for you, VoIPLine Telecom has an unlimited pool of local and 0800 numbers on different call plans and at competitive rates which can increase your business reach.

The Cloud Hosted PBX presented on a web-friendly graphic user interface empowers you to choose whether you want to connect your local or 0800 number to a SIP Trunk, PSTN line or IVR by merely dragging and clicking your mouse.    


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