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2.2.4 Update

  • Webphone:
    • Added 10 new ringtones and also updated the default one:
      • ‘Settings’ tab > ‘Sound’ section > Ringtone.
    • You can now configure the default tab when you load the Webphone:
      • ‘Settings’ tab > ‘General’ section > Default tab.
    • Notification of a new voicemail message now appears in real time.
    • Added a 'Reload' button for desktop apps. It is located in the drop-down menu in the top right corner. 
    • The contacts will now have fixed colours. The colour depends on the first letter of the contact name. Previously, the colours were different for each load. 
    • If you logged a call in CRM and left a note during the call, when you load CRM for a call from call history, the message will be shown. Call notes are stored in the Webphone only during the active session. 
  • PBX: updated the ring time rules for user devices, as well as for queue and ring group:
    • The previous default ring time was 30 seconds, now it is 60 seconds.
    • Minimum ring time is now 10 seconds.
    • For existing users, as well as queue and ring groups:
      • If a ring time was 30 seconds, it became 60 seconds. 
      • If a ring time was less than 10 seconds, it is now 10 seconds. 
  • ‘Billing’ tab > ‘Rates search’ section:
    • Added more information about outgoing call rates.
    • And now the full list of rates can be sent to any admin or third party email.
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