Blacklist object is a feature that allows you to reject calls based on the callers ID. If you have a nuisance caller you can add their caller ID into this object which will reject the call from getting through.  

In order to include a Blacklist into your call flow, you will need to drag a Blacklist object from your PBX toolbox, to your PBX call flow. 

Next you will need to configure the Blacklist object, click on the settings icon in the bottom right corner of the object.

Name: A description for the blacklist.

Add: Will allow you to enter a range of caller ID's to be blocked. 


Block anonymous calls: If selected all unknown or anonymous caller ID's will be blocked. 

Once you have successfully configured the blacklist connect the object into your call flow and test an inbound call. 

Finally don't forget to Apply the Configuration when any changes are made to the Blacklist or associated objects.