The Live Call Queue Wallboard allows you to see real time information regarding the inbound calls that are being received on your configured call queues, as well as the status of the agents assigned to the queues. You can view the agents that are active on a calls, how long callers have been waiting in the queues, total conversation time, the average wait time, and the callers total wait time in the queues.

In order to view your Queue Wallboard, you will need to have both the queue and queue wallboard objects already configured on your PBX. Drag the Queue Wallboard onto the call flow from the menu on the left hand side. 

Next you will need to click on the settings icon in the bottom right corner of the Queue Wallboard object, add your selected queues that you wish to monitor live statistics for as well as configuring your additional options on the right hand side of the configuration menu. Please note you will need to configure a reset time, in a 24 hour format, which will reset all the live statistics collected. As an example, if your inbound call campaign times are from 9am to 5.30pm, you could set the reset time to 5.30pm so you have fresh statistics for the next campaign day. Now you can obtain the URL and password of the Queue Wallboard from the general settings.


The URL link from the general settings will display the Queue Wallboard page, which will allow you to enter the password to access the Live Call Queue Wallboard statistics. Please make sure you have applied the configuration inside the PBX before attempting to login to the Queue Wallboard. 


After successful authentication, the Live Call Queue Wallboard page will display. This URL will display the call queues you have configured to monitor from inside the PBX tab, and also the other options and reset intervals.


Once inside the Queue Wallboard there are five parameters that can be considered for each queue being monitored. 

Agent: The User that handles incoming calls in the call queue.

Active on call: The calls that are currently in progress within the queues.

Answered calls: The total amount of calls that were answered by a Users or Agents in the queues. 

Abandoned calls: The total number of calls which where cancelled by the caller before being answered by an Agent or User assigned to the call queue. 

Timed out calls: The total number of calls which reached the configured time out period set on the call queue, before being answered by an Agent or User assigned to the call queue. 

During idle periods, before a call reaches your monitored call queues, all the Agents assigned to the call queue will be available and the queue count will be set to zero, along with the wait time. When an incoming call reaches your monitored call queues, that is not currently answered, the queue counter changes to signify the number of calls waiting in the queue and the wait time statistics will update.


When an Agent or User is currently on a call, you will be able to view in real time the statistics of the call from the right hand side of the wallboard. The caller ID and the queue that is currently handling the call will be displayed to the right of the agents list. Busy agents will be highlighted in red displaying that they are not available to take a call, while available agents are highlighted in green. Offline or Unavailable SIP devices are displayed in grey.