Below DOES NOT apply to registered Whitelabel partners or Wholesale resellers.

It is possible to request a number hosted with an alternative service provider as an outbound caller ID from the VoIPcloud network. 

In order to request a number that you are in control of, the following documents and verification steps will be required. 

You will need to send in a recent invoice, which is no older than 3 months, or account statement that outlines the following items:

  1. The statement must have the same account holder name or business name as your account with VoIPcloud.
    OR if account holder name does not match, written explanation is required.
  2. The number being requested as a custom caller ID must be on the bill statement.

  3. If written explanation is required (as per item 1) also acceptable Photo ID of the person is required and must be saved in the account history.

The example bill statement below highlights the items that must be displayed from your service provider who is in control of the number. If it is not possible to obtain a bill from your service provider, or the number being requested is hosted by a organisation you are working on behalf of, please contact our support department for alternative verification methods. 

Once you have obtained a recent bill statement, you will need to email the request to our support department for review. Typical lead times for a custom caller ID to be configured on your account are 24 hours.