Sometimes when using a voice menu you may want to playback the voice menu options to the caller. Under the voice menu settings, there is a "Repeat voice menu greeting x times" setting.  


After repeating the greeting x times (default is 0), if the caller has not made a selection and the timeout duration is reached, the call is sent off on the timeout destination if configured. 

If you want the greeting to keep on repeating until the caller makes a choice or hangs up, you can create a loop using an announcement object and a silent audio file. This will ensure that the voice menu does not drop the call when the caller doesn't make a selection. The loop will keep repeating voice menu options until the caller terminates the call or selects an option. To do this, you'll need to:

  • Create an announcement object
  • Create a link from the voice menu to the announcement object
  • Click on the number over the link between voice menu and announcement
  • Select 'Timeout'
  • Create another link from announcement back to voice menu
  • Upload a blank audio file to the announcement


You could instead record a message if you wanted a recording to play each time the loop occurs. A blank file has been attached to this article for convenience.