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Number Listed as Spam on Mobile

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Many mobile users have either default (in the case of Samsung) or self-installed additional caller number filtering apps.

These apps are designed to provide the user with a preview of the caller number reputation. Apps can provide information on the nature of the call as decided by the community and frequently a name under which the number is saved.


Most Common Apps

Below is a list of the most common apps on the market, this list is not exhaustive.


Community System

All of the applications are app user-driven (aka Community Driven), which allows any incoming number to be listed as Spam caller, Fraud likely, Scam likely, Telemarketer, etc, by any user. Multiple users listing the number will result in the number being displayed as spam for all users of the app.


What are the Options if the Number has been Marked

The best option is to contact the app developer and update the listing of the number. Each app has its own process that usually begins with the request under their support section

The alternate option is to purchase a new number for use as Caller Line Identifier.


Can VoIPcloud remove the listing or guarantee the number is not listed

VoIPcloud cannot guarantee that the numbers made available have not been previously flagged or recorded by App users. Under telecommunication body regulations, numbers will be rereleased for reuse beyond the quarantine period after number termination. Many Apps do not have similar expiry policies against number records.

The databases of the listings are private and are not made available by most App owners and hence cannot be verified against

The process for removal from the App(s) requires that any amendments or removal from the App's database be logged by the current owner (end-user) of the number.


How to Avoid Being Listed

Keeping to general rules that identify the number as safe to the end party is paramount to the number maintaining a good reputation.

Some points to keep in mind

  • Leave Voice Mail on any unanswered calls
  • Follow up un-answered with an email to indicate the legitimacy of the missed call
  • Use multiple numbers to dial from
  • Reduce dial rate if the success rate is low
  • Review quality of leads



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