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Voice Artists

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At the end of this article, you will be able to order custom voice artist recordings for your specific needs.



The voice artists tab will allow you to create a personalized voice greeting to suit your needs. Whether this is a greeting as customers first dial in, or a voice menu asking customers to confirm which part of the business they are trying to contact.

There are multiple voice talents to choose from, with the ability to hear what they sound like before making your decision.

After selecting the “Add Recording” button, you will have the ability to choose out of 8 different voice talents. You will be able to hear the talents by selecting the “Play” symbol once you’ve selected a talent.




After you have decided on a voice talent you can then start creating the script that you would like the voice talent to read. 

Please make sure that you use all correct punctuation and grammar whilst creating the script as the script will be read as submitted.

Once your script has been completed you will be able to see an estimate of how long the script will take to read and the associated costs involved.




The billing block for a voice artist is 30 seconds which roughly equates to 70 words. Once the voice recording is complete, it will be sent to the primary account holder’s email address.

Please note: Due to these being custom-made to suit individual needs, they are non-refundable.

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