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1.9.32 Update

  • Introducing the user portal app for Windows, macOS and Linux! You can download the app from the web version of the user portal. If you do not have a user portal, you can activate it in the user object settings in the PBX. Advantages of the app compared to the web version:
    • The option to start the application automatically when the system starts up.
    • Ability to set the app as the default phone app for the system. This allows the phone number to be prefilled automatically in the webphone off the app when you click on the phone number in the browser with tel: type.
    • Please note that Windows may mark the application as 'dangerous' during installation. This is due to a small number of installations: once enough users have installed the application, the warning will disappear.


  • The phonebook section has been completely redesigned:
    • Global phonebooks:
      • Default phonebook. If phonebook is default, it will be added to all new users automatically. Many phonebooks can be set as default.
      • Editable or read-only. If the phonebook is editable, any user who has access to it can edit it in the user portal (add new contacts, edit existing contacts, delete etc.). Meanwhile, read-only phonebooks cannot be edited in the user portal by the users who have access to them: only viewing contacts is allowed, but not editing the phonebook.
      • Related objects. See which users have access to a particular phonebook. If necessary, remove access for a single user or all at once, and add a phonebook for all users at once.
    • Personal phonebooks:
      • Each user in the user portal now has a personal phonebook which only he/she can view and edit. A personal phonebook is not available to anyone else.
      • Personal phonebooks can also be edited from settings in PBX.
    • Other changes:
      • Added filter to view only global phonebooks, personal phonebooks or all at once.
      • A new button has been added that can be used to delete all contacts from phonebook.


  • Webphone changes:
    • During an active call, if you want to make a second call or make a transfer, you can select the desired number from the call history thanks to a special button. The last 15 calls from the history are available.
    • During an active call, if you want to make a second call or make a transfer, while the number selection window is open, you can click on the contact number from the phonebook and the number will automatically fill in the dialpad.


  • The fax to email object can now be added to PBX without a licence, so that it is possible to view the object's settings before purchasing a licence.
  • Reports tab > Usage details > Call history > Export CDRs & daily report CDRs — added subaccount of the call plan used for the call.
  • At the bottom of each email you will find a link to instructions on how to unsubscribe from emails or change your email settings.
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