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How to Create & Manage Administrators Access


After reading this article, you will know how to create, and edit access rights for administrators within the Customer Portal.

Creating an Administrator

  1. From the home page of the Customer Portal, navigate to Account Details on the left
  2. Locate the Account Administrators section on the bottom right-hand side
  3. Clicking the 'add' button will bring up a creation window to allow you to enter details and select access rights.
    Further information on the Access Rights can be found here: Access Rights Breakdown

Editing an existing Administrator

To edit an existing Administrator:

  1. Navigate to the same section, select the Administrator you wish to edit, and click the 'edit' button.
  2. From here, make the relevant changes and save, this will make an immediate change to the access rights for that Administrator. Repeat the process as needed.Note: You also have the option to reset password and delete the Administrator if needed.


Email Preferences

Email preferences can be configured, depending on what requirements the administrator you're adding has/needs. There is an option here, to send emails to multiple email addresses, which is useful for those in your business that only require emails.

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